A 4k monitor is the same as a regular large screen but has so much added benefits to it, it is a bit larger than the normal HD monitor, and the 4k screen monitor is good and much appreciated from the size of at least 32”. The screen range from 28” to over 40”diagonal in size, long before the 4k monitor were quite expensive and only a few could afford. The hardware industries are in plenty so the gaming monitor is becoming cheaper and affordable for all consumers to buy. The 4k gaming monitor has brought about the smooth, comfortable and good experience in the game, some of the added benefits of the gaming monitor is input delay, response time refreshing the game which are important to the monitor, and the benefits are always well understood by the consumer.

Lovers of gaming, web browsing and software use will definitely fall for a 4k monitor. Although the typical screens can do the same, it is impossible to compare detail and graphics rendering of the 4k tech. Although an equally powerful PC or console is required, half the job is part of these powerful monitors. Below are the most popular 4k gaming monitors for sale:

  1. Samsung 28-Inch Ultra High Definition LED Monitor (U28D590D)

This monitor boast of a resolution 4 times higher than the typical full HD. The unmatched quality is from the UHD screen that has the capabilities of delivering quality images in a fast refresh rate. That means the clarity is superb and have over 50 times more color compared to the normal monitors.


  1. ASUS PB287Q 28-Inch Screen LED-Lit 4K Monitor

Any gamer will tell this is a great one. Among the most popular 4k gaming monitors for sale, this ASUS product is nothing short of great. The native resolution is 3840 X 2160 with a refresh rate of 60 HZ and a 1ms response. Those features alone mean this monitor can render even the heavy graphics media like a simple mp4 file.

  1. LG IPS Digital Cinema 31MU97-B 31.0-Inch Screen LED-Lit 4k Monitor

If you are into photography software, this is what you have been looking for! The monitor is great for video and photo editting since it supports over a billion colors and reproduces digital content like you would want it. 10 bit color depth and a wide color range support is something that every video and photo editor would just want.

  1. Dell Ultra HD P2715Q 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit 4k Monitor

This is the most like of the most popular 4k gaming monitors for sale in the market today. The 27 inch screen has a good native resolution (3840 x 2160) and has over 8 million pixels. Dell did not disappoint on this one especially with the stand features which allows you to change the angel and height of the monitor according to your desires.

Any one interested in a powerful monitor should consider the reviewed monitors. Although there are uncountable models of the monitors, efficiency is something to lookout for other than price and your primary use. Serious gamers, passionate photo and video manipulators together with professional software developers should get any of the most popular 4k gaming monitors if they want the best of 4k technology.


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What Exactly Are Think Tanks? Our 101 


When you hear the name Think Tank’ it might conjure up childhood imagery of a tank with brains swimming around in it and surprisingly it’s not that far from the truth! Well in some regards at least. Think tanks have been around for years but they are an ever-increasing trend we are seeing and it’s about time we all got to know a little more about them.

Fortunately we have come up with a think-tank 101 – introduction to help clarify it for you.

thinkFirstly what helps you in identifying them is to also know they are also known as policy institutes. They are organisations or groups that carry out research in order to influence public policy for the better. They bring thinkers together and allow them a platform to get their ideas heard.

These meetings usually work on a national scale, with the focus being on how larger policies can be adjusted to benefit everyone. To do this they not only require the institutes to look forward to new policies but for them to also evaluate past and present policies. The concept is that the think tank will research a host of policies and strategies in order to provide potential alternatives to proposed policies in order to make them better. To summarise a think tank quite simply does the thinking policymakers don’t have time for!

So that’s what they are but what do they do? Medical think tanks aim to inform and improve existing and new health policy. They do this by finding ways to measure existing quality of care, treatment and safety in order to help improve upon it. These larger medical think tanks bring together the most prominent healthcare leadership in order to share their knowledge and help implement the best practice ideas on a national and global scale.An example of this is the United Kingdom’s minister of health deciding some aspects of Chinese herbal medicine should be introduced into the NHS.

_73507413_bulb2The benefit of medical think tanks is that they bring together not only experts but also staff practicing in the day-to-day; these are people who might not necessarily have the opportunity to share ideas about healthcare if it weren’t for these sessions.

The most effective think tanks realise that the best way to find solutions to a problem are by communicating with the people who have the problems. For example, a medical think tank looking to solve accessibility issues to hospitals would benefit from communicating with people who actually have accessibility issues, such as the elderly. The result of creating a think tank like this is that you hear issues and solutions that are grounded and real rather than speculation.

It is evident that when think tanks are done correctly and make use of the people who the policies are actually going to impact, then they can be a hugely beneficial method of implementing positive policies. The great thing about think tanks is that they can be introduced into almost any situation and they promote the sharing of ideas and experiences.

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